Anti-Aging Steps for Men

If you want to improve overall health and provide your longevity, you should stop right now and make several vital changes of lifestyle. Of course aging is coming and it cannot be prevented but at any age you should feel comfortable. There are a lot of anti-aging strategies, which really are helpful for men to hold back the hands of time. You can say that a lot depends on genes. Yes, of course, there is a range of genetic disorders but they make only 25 percent of all factors determining longevity. So do not even think that you can find excuses for you idleness. Only active aging and making healthy lifestyle choices will help you to live to a ripe age being healthy.

What should be expected when following the anti-aging strategies?

Let’s share some statistics. At average a todays man lives about 70 years. And as strange as it may seem but women live 5 years longer, that can be explained by the fact that estrogen protects women from heart disease, which are common among aged males. There are also conscious reasons: as statistics says, women more often go to see a doctor to make regular checkups. But recent studies prove that if there are no obvious risk factors, men with healthy habits usually live about 85 years. That means that the mentioned males do not smoke, do not abuse alcohol, are not overweight, and have normal blood pressure and do exercises. As you understand all the above factors are under your control and can be improved if the lifestyle is changed for the better.

What are anti-aging strategies?

Lifestyle changes give a man a lot of benefits. We offer just some of them for you to have a look at.

  • Keeping a normal weight. It is proved that obesity and even overweight can lead to serious problems with health including erectile dysfunction. The excess kilograms can take three years off a man’s life.
  • Healthy eating. Do forget about fast food as far as it is full of salt and different food additives, which increase the risk of different diseases including problems with heart. You should keep to a balanced diet providing at least five daily servings of vegetables and fruits.
  • Regular exercises. A man is expected to work out regularly if he wants to promote longevity. In this way he strengthens the lungs and heart. Though the exercises should correspond to the age and peculiarities of a man’s current health. Apply resistance training that keeps your muscle mass and bone density under normal condition.
  • Refusal from excessive alcohol drinking and smoking. You know that alcoholic damages liver time after time and it occurs even when you have only a glass or two but every day. Think of it! Smoking is killing and those, who manage to quit at any age, can add years to their lives.
  • Keep calm. It is very important to be able to manage stress, if you are not, you should change the environment. Otherwise there is a risk of high blood pressure and heart attacks, which result in serious health conditions. Learn to relax using yoga, listening good music, deep breathing.
  • Being in touch with a doctor. It is very important to find out about the health problems in time. That is why you should get regular checkups and screenings. Regular means once a year or even more often if it is prescribed by a doctor. These visits can prevent a lot of health problems from developing into deadly diseases.

We have given you just six pieces of advice, which should be followed at any age. It’s never too late to start changes and achieve the best result. Do not think that you are vowed just because there are relatives suffering from some disease or living too little. That is not only your genes! That is your healthy lifestyle and your decision to live a long life.